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Expand All & Collapse All shortcut#450

I previously requested you add a keyboard shortcut to expand and collapse the hierarchy of any sidebar menu by holding the key (I prefer the Shift key) while clicking on the arrow to the left of the menu item.

Additionally, please consider adding a second shortcut to Expand or Collapse the entire hierarchy by Control-Shift clicking on ANY arrow to the left of a menu.

This would resolve the issue of presetting the opening state of the hierarchy as it would be very easy to Control-Shift-click on any arrow to collapse the entire hierarchy.

I am still a fan of an option to have the wiki opening state show all menus collapsed as a new user will not know how to use the keyboard shortcut. However, this shortcut could be listed at the top of the sidebar or you can add a help icon at the top with this and other instructions for use which would be very helpful for a new user.

I don’t see this on the roadmap. Do you plan to include this shortcut?

2 months ago

Yes I will do the shift-click for collapsing the hierarchy and default closed. It will be included in the rewrite ticket.

I will do some investigation for ctrl+shift+click, will likely add it and test it to verify usage.

Added this ticket to

2 months ago

Great! Thank you.

2 months ago

Is it working yet?

2 months ago

@Dan Linehan It’s not, I’ll be adding it as part of #438 which is due end of march.

2 months ago

Implemented in the new codebase.

⌘ = ctrl on windows

9 days ago

Is it live?

7 days ago

This isn’t live yet Dan, I can send you a link to the beta when it’s up if you’re interested.

6 days ago

yes great! thanks

5 days ago