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All Wikis not appearing in menu#470

I have edit access to the YNAW folder, however, only a few of the wikis from this folder appear in the navigation menu.

This is true for multiple users in my organisation who have also been been granted access at the YNAW folder level.

10 months ago

Hi Erin, is this YNAW folder in the root of your Drive, or is it just in the Shared with me section?

10 months ago

Hi Grant,

The shared Wiki folders are currently in the Shared with me section.

I’ve tested adding a shortcut to the shared Wiki in my My Drive YNAW folder, and it then appears in the menu (screenshots attached).

If I’ve missed an article that addresses this in the Tutorials section please point me to it so I can share with the wider team.

10 months ago

Great, I’m glad the shortcut trick worked.

I’ve added a page here to the FAQ:

Regardless, this is an issue that I will address.
Currently when a wiki is shared, it either adds the wiki the to the users YNAW folder or stores it to their account, via the folder id.

V2 of youneedawiki that I’m currently working on will exclusively use folders and shortcuts to populate the dropdown so this type of issue should be a thing of the past after the end of march.

I will keep this ticket open until then.

10 months ago