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Google slides should use PDF format by default#477

Currently we use an iframe for rendering Google slides. This has 3 drawbacks.

  1. It causes issues in browsers like Brave or using incognito mode that block 3rd party cookies
  2. It is not cacheable, meaning there will always be a slight delay downloading the slide, even if the user has loaded it before.
  3. We cannot determine the size of the slide in the iframe so we default to 16/9. Slides can be any aspect ratio and for slides that are not 16/9 it will not look as integrated. With a PDF we could detect the ratio and size accordingly.

Proposed solution:

  • Export slides as PDF’s
  • Render each page of PDF as a slide
  • Create custom controls to allow for next/previous and fullscreen
  • Allow an option to render with iframe if the user prefers that
a year ago