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Sidebar start with all folders collapsed by default#482

The sidebar starts with all folders open the first time the wiki is opened, and it remembers which folders have been opened.

Is it possible to have all folders automatically closed by default? I find it annoying to have to close and open sidebar folders as I’m navigating around the wiki.

Possibly only having one folder open at a time, so each time you click the little arrow next to a sidebar folder, it opens and automatically closes other open folders?

5 days ago

Hi Glenn. I’ll just clarify that you’d like the wiki to be closed by default every time you load the wiki.

I could update the settings so a user could pick either:

  1. Closed (always closed on load)
  2. Remember my sidebar (closed by default, but remembers opened folders)
  3. Closed with active folder navigation (always closed on load, closes inactive folders during navigation)
4 days ago

This would be so great! Thank you :)

4 days ago