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Better embed support#491

Job to be done
When I’m building a dynamic page I want to be able to embed multiple documents, sheets and slides so I can build pages that are dynamic and show content from various sizes.

Users want to be able to build pages that look like a single google doc but are comprised from multiple sources.

They want to be able to embed sheets seamlessly into a document for example, and have it update without having to click “update”.

To start with create a shorthand syntax that allows linking to another document.



a month ago

As a follow up to the code, add the ability to add a page via an embed button. This could be via the context menu, chrome extension or google doc extension.

Acceptance criteria:

  • It should be possible to embed a google doc as a page in that it renders inline (not an iframe).
a month ago

In addition. This should cover better support for embedding frames.

a month ago