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Pro Plan Wiki Sharing Issues: Sign-In Prompt and 'File Not Found' Error#538


Users on the Pro plan are experiencing issues when sharing wiki links. Despite the Pro plan supposedly allowing public access without a sign-in, shared links still prompt for Google credentials and/or show a “File not found” error.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Upgrade to Pro version of the service.
  2. Attempt to share a wiki using the generated Public, Shared, or Private link. All three types are identical:
  3. Have a recipient click on any of the shared links.

Expected Behavior:

Recipients should be able to access the shared wiki directly without being prompted for Google credentials and without encountering a “File not found” error.

Current Behavior:

Recipients clicking on any of the shared links are prompted for Google credentials and/or receive a “File not found” error.

2 months ago

It should be a URL that includes ?p=<wiki id>

Like the following:

?invite is for inviting users to private wikis.

2 months ago